Commission Portraits Commission Portraits Wedding Couple Painted from a photo taken minutes after this young man proposed! She said yes and her father asked me to paint this double portrait as a wedding gift to them. It was a, "Big HIT!" I was told. 199054951 Betty & Bill Here, the husband in this couple had passed. When I presented the painting to the wife, she was overwhelmed with tears of joy. I love my job. 197631503 Hook & Ladder A woman came to me wanting a portrait of her husband as a surprise gift for Christmas. She said "Words cannot express" how grateful she was and that he LOVED it! 197631501 Paul Robeson As a surprise gift, I was asked to paint a portrait of Paul Robeson. The recipient, a HUGE fan. He was thrilled with his present. 197631500 Soldier Smith An 85 year old man came to me for a portrait of himself... back in 1945! He gave me a beautiful but dog-eared faded sepia photo of him as an enlisted man. Many years later he received all the those metals on his chest. Mr. Smith loved this finished painting and sent prints to all of his relatives. Awesome. 197622353 Elvis The adorable pet had recently died. The owner burst out in tears of happiness when I presented it to her. Elvis live on. 197631723 Jerry A man came to me with photos of his son that had passed when he was but 12 years old. No photos remained except at age 8 and one fuzzy one at 12. I combined the images in paint. Jerry's father and family love this portrait and have it in the family living room. 197631502 Olivia To paint a child with a terminal disease was the hardest painting I had ever done. Olivia passed on at age 3 but the family will have her here forever. 197622358