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About the artist

My name is Maureen Winzig and welcome to my world.  I am a visual artist, a graphic artist, a poet and a writer.  And I must also mention ~ Master of Ceremonies!

I'm so pleased to have my art showing regularly at galleries, in shop windows and art centers.  I am also thrilled to be a part of a growing group of poets and writers where I read, write and host.

I've been finding so many artists that have multiple talents and we relate well with each other.  I've been writing poetry for about 40 years and an artist for even more (wow, that's a lot!) 

Being a member of several art associations gives me many opportunities to show my work and also meet other artists and art lovers. I can't seem to help myself from joining great groups! 

Poetry and painting?  For me they work perfectly together.  Poetry to me is simply the art of painting the many idiosyncrasies of life but with language.  And then with my painting, it's many times transforming words into the images they conger in my mind.  I wish I could control it more but it seems my mind has a mind of it's own.

I absolutely love being an artist and poet.  My mind simply works differently than non-artists.  I see and feel things differently.  Sometimes it's difficult to concentrate on one thing when there are so many exciting things happening all at once.  When you talk to me ~ how the light is hitting the folds in your shirt, illuminating the tone in your skin, the way the smoke curls from your cigarette, the sun behind you setting, the rhythm in what you're saying.  You must forgive me if I don't remember your name at first go with so much competition for my attention! 

So, I've been cut loose from my corporate job which was sucking every last bit of humanity out of me and have gone full time into my art.  I must say, this is more about me opening the door, stepping through and becoming my genuine self than it is simply about art.  This, my friends, is not an easy task. Some people call me brave... I call it avoiding my own demise.

Sometimes artists and writers feel too much.  I swear that's why so many tend to self-destruct.  But these feelings are good.  All feelings have energy and power.  The trick is making them work for you.  Mine have the potential to drive me insane unless I harness them somehow.  Somehow make them tangible so I can face them, contain them and then share them with you. 


So, this is me and I'm pleased to happily express my true identity with you. hBJAkgyWQ_8


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