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Winzig Gifts!

Oh so many fine gifts for that 'Special someone'.  Check out my Newsletter for all the details.  WinzigArt Fine Gifts

New Series ~ What Women Do

Why a series about women?!  I'm told my water and sky scapes are sublime.  I'm told my figures and portraits are rich with life and beauty.  I'm told my watercolors are so expressive.  So why would I begin a series focusing on women?  Too political for some, and actually frightening to others is the thought of bringing to life women and their issues.  Not to me however, and I must be true to myself. 

"What Women Do" is an expose of the inner workings of women.  This is not about the abuse, objectification, or rights of women.  There are so many other artists working hard and well on these issues.  Instead, I've chosen to focus on the beauty of women which includes their strengths, weaknesses, vulnerability, and brilliance.  I feel so compelled to bring to life what I see in the feminine sex things that may be overlooked in order to honor them.  So subtle is the grace of women.  So powerful are the alternatives they find to create change and justice without the use of overpowering.  This is a series waiting decades in my heart for me to find to the courage to express.  

This first of many shows to come is on display at Gallery 66 in Cold Spring, NY.  "Finding Power: Women of Courage, Passion and Character" will be at this venue from July 3rd - August 2nd, 2015.  Please be my guest and find this show on my calendar of events here on this site.   Thank you.

TV Interview with TQ

How nice to be asked for an interview!  Toni Quest is a wonderful host on the Talk with TQ program focused on artists of all kinds.  I was asked about my resent works, shows I'm in, my community work, my future plans.  It was a good time and a relieving insight even for me. Enjoy  Talk with TQ

Peekskill Open Studios weekend!

June 6th ~ Kickoff Party at the Paramount Hudson Valley - 1008 Brown St, Peekskill

June 7th ~ Artists open their studios, exhibits all over town, and tons of fun in Peekskill!

Not only am I an artist that will open to the public both days, but  I'm the president of the PAA that hosts this annual event.  So, I've been really busy event planning and all that goes with a citywide 2 day happening!  Check out this video, it tells all!

New Show - Jan 1st 2014

Something VERY New! I’m pleased to present to you many new works for this show.  “New Day” is a reflection of my personal thoughts and visions of allowing myself to let go, jump in and explore, for after all, each day is anew.  I’m using lots of mediums and styles that have lain dormant for a while and bringing them out into the New Year. Come help me celebrate the New Day at the Opening Reception ~ Sat, Jan 4th from 4:00 - 6:00

ALSO ~ Next Show, March 7, 2014 I will be a featured artist at Gallery 66 where I am now being represented.  Gallery 66 is located at 66 Main St., Cold Spring, NY.   Here's the website: Gallery 66




Sunsets & Flowers ~ Mini Works Show & Sale

Valentine’s Day reminds us of beauty and love and fleeting things like sunsets and flowers.  But what if you could make them last a lifetime?  Get yourself or someone special a small painting of a sunset or flowers to treasure forever!   WinzigArt Studio & Showcase will have many new works of lovely mini paintings, small and large.  Also, choose from a selection of earrings, greeting cards and perhaps a book of poetry.  Come meet the artist, Maureen Winzig, at her studio of original paintings and find a world of beauty you will love!

Whoa! new location for studio!

Found an excellent location for my studio!  Ground floor, next to the Paramount Hudson Valley, surrounded by several other studios, an art gallery, coffee shop and a jazz joint!  You are gonna LOVE this place!  Welcome me to my new location by stopping in to visit!  You can find me come Dec 1, 2012 at:

WinzigArt Studio

1016 Brown St., Suite 101Peekskill, NY 10566

Peekskill for art lovers - Westchester Mag!

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Mojo on the radio!

Yep, that's one of my nicknames. I have this friend, Toni Quest, who has her own spot on an internet radio show!  She will be interviewing me tonight (sorry for the short notice).  Here's the link:

Screaming Woman Radio Show


And the winner of the art raffle is.....

And the winner of this lovey original oil painting by Maureen Winzig is...............Nomi Bachar!


Holiday Gift Sale!

An art happening! fabulous gifts!


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new**** Jewelry!!!

Long ago I used to make jewelry.  Now, I'm back at it again!  I'm designing things that I would wear and that I find beautiful.  People say they love my taste in jewelry so have a look and let me know what you think!  I've made over 30 pair of earrings.  Something for everyone!


Stop by Maureen Winzig's Studio 44 at 44 N. Division St., Peekskill, NY!  If the lights are on, come on in!  If you'd like an appointment, please call 914-438-6084 ~ Thank you ~ 

The latest & greatest!

Shop News!

Now, for your shopping pleasure, I have a new Fabulous Gift section in the studio!  Lucille has been so kind as to model some of my new wears!  I am featuring hand made cards, keepsake boxes, tee shirts, tote bags, and fabulous aprons!  Just one of each on display at the 'Shop' but I can order any of my pieces of art on any of your gifts!  Pretty cool, huh?!   Also featuring hand crafted jewelry by DL Arts!  Her work is made with Thai Silver and natural Beach Glass - all Fair Trade pieces used.  

Stop by Tue - Sat from 2:00 - around10:00 but best to call ahead if you're going out of your way 914-438-6084.

Hope to see you there!  Here's a sneak peek!


~ Maureen ~


July 30th Blues Jazz Fest! 

Working like a mad woman to create, frame and hang new art ready for this incredible event!   Check my calendar for details! 


4/9/11 STUDIO 44's GRAND OPENING PARTY!  Must have been 100 people there.  A GRAND SUCCESS! I held the event from 1:00 to 10:00PM.  WOW!  It was filled all day!  Could not have dream of a better opening.  Heck, even made a few sales!!!  Check it out!


4/3/11 THIS JUST IN!!!!  A student of video just sent me his work.  He did a clip of the front of my studio and put it up on Youtube!  Awesome, huh?  Winzig's Studio 44

3/31/11 GRAND OPENING PARTY APRIL 9TH!  Go ahead, click on the calendar!

3/5/11  FINALLY!   In my new art studio in the heart of Peekskill BUT now working on the renovations.  Landlord had it gutted for me... for common sense... can't have crazy interior walls in an 18' x 18' space!  Looking at the beginning of March to have my GRAND OPENING!!! I'll keep you posted!  

1/11 Working on another MURAL!  Changed my pace early in from fast treeish images to lovely, detailed, lively trees.  So much detail, so beautiful ~ if I should say so myself ***grin***

12/13/01 Things are moving so fast!  I love it!  Just the other day I was interviewed on the radio with the amazing Toni Quest AKA  I think I can get the MP3 on here for your listening pleasure.  Must say, it came off as rather informative.




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