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Level One

Beginner & Intermediate

6 Week Course Outline


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Here is an outline letting you know just what you get and what to expect in this course:


Environment    I provide a painting workshop in the tradition of the “Atelier”. A studio environment where the artists can work, learn and be creatively challenged.

The studio-painting workshop will provide you with an opportunity to experiment, analyze, and learn the basics of painting.

What You Will Learn   In level 1 you will develop a working knowledge of:  Materials and Their Use, Working with a Basic Color Palette, Theoretical Color Wheel, Mixing Basic Colors, Composing Your Painting, Blocking out Forms, Basic Brush Work, and the care and maintenance of materials.

During this class we will be building and reinforcing Skill, Color Theory vs. Paint Color Behavior, Composition and Design, and Technique.  An ingrained understanding of these skills will allow you to express yourself freely by focusing on the creative self-expression of painting and not the technical aspects.

What You Will Do   You will be painting from real life observation and/or photos, and will be encouraged to paint in a variety of ways to create representational and non-representational (abstract) paintings.

You will learn a series of 8 basic painting skill exercises.  You will create 2 unique paintings

Each week the class session will be divided into two parts; the first part -painting skill exercises. 2nd half – working on your paintings

I will help you to assess your ability to learn & apply the course skills to your paintings, and your individual improvement over the duration of the course. These skills and goals will help you improve your individual abilities as an artist.

What You Will Need   Self-motivation!  Bring your willingness to explore new techniques, and for working through the difficulties encountered while painting.  These are the most significant indicators for success in this course.


Level 1 Supplies

Oil Paint: Basic palette of colors:

o       Titanium White

o       Permanent Green

o       Permanent Rose (Alizarin)

o       Cerulean Blue

o       Cadmium Red

o       French Ultramarine Blue

o       Lemon Yellow (Winsor & Newton)

o       Yellow Ochre

o       Cadmium Yellow

o    I  Ivory Black

    llll  Viridian



o       Note: Oil Paint tube size: 37ml = 1.25oz.

o       Note: Student grade paints are fine


Painting supports

·         Canvas pad (paper) with 10 sheets, Size: 9” x 12” (for painting skill exercises).

·         Canvas: 2 stretched primed canvases, Size 14” x 18” or larger.

·         Brush holder Preferably a small tub with a section for Turpenoid and holes to stand your brushes in.     Should also have a lid for transporting.

A basic set of bristle and soft brushes for class should consist of the following shapes and sizes:


Bristle brushes:  Bright: #2, 6, and 10

Rounds: #2, 4, and 6 (for heavier paint)

         Synthetic Sable: #2 Round and a # 3 Bright

         One Small Fan for blending

        (Rounds are generally used for details with thin paint and brights are good for blending and glazing       with thin paint)

Note: Make sure your brushes are specific to the type of paint you will be working with.

Your brush is one of the most important parts of painting. For this class it is not necessary to purchase expensive brushes. For future reference, it is always best to buy the best brush you can afford. You can buy inexpensive paint and canvas, but a cheap brush can be a serious detriment to the quality of the painting.

Paint Medium: You can buy ready-made “Oil Painting Medium” or you can make oil painting by mixing in a small glass jar:

1/3 linseed oil, 1/3 Turpenoid, 1/3 Damar Varnish.

Oil paint medium is used to thin paint and speed up the drying time.

Small dip cups for paint medium (with lid for easy transporting).

Paint Thinner:

            Rectified (double distilled) Turpenoid, odorless only.

Ordinary turpentine sold in hardware stores is not suitable for oil painting.

Sign up, get supplies and come have fun!  Be ready to get frustrated! Be ready to get threw it! Be ready to explore!

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Portrait painting has been around for centuries.  In a way the subject becomes immortalized in paint.  I can paint realist painting, stylized to your liking, or even create an avatar!   Portraits make a gift that will last for generations to come!  Your portrait can be painted live or from a photograph or a combination of both!  The link below takes you to my "Art Gallery" here on this site.
Art Gallery




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